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Amber is the Founder of Mind Beyond. 

She is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. 

 Amber spent 5 years working in the media industry as an entertainment journalist and presenter in Sydney before relocating to London in 2014. Here she found that a focus on healthy living and wellness was essential for managing the stress of a busy lifestyle and demanding career.

After discovering that a daily mindfulness and meditation practice could significantly help to alleviate her own chronic stress, tension and anxiety, she began extensive research on the science of meditation and trained to become a certified meditation and mindfulness expert.

Amber now creates training programs for brands, businesses and corporations focused on stress management and improving professional performance through the practice of mindfulness. She has run workshops and training sessions for brands including Neom Organics, Pret A Manger, Planet Organic and a variety clients in the areas of advertising, TV and media. 

If you are interested in learning how to meditate and establish a mindfulness practice in your life, Amber can teach you how. She offers one-to-one private meditation training, mindfulness-based coaching and is available for talks and corporate training.

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