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Ambition is a tricky thing.

It can fill you with all the energy and enthusiasm you need to propel yourself forward through life and it can also drive you completely insane.

I am continually attempting to reconcile my drive to exist as high-performing, high-achieving, productive person with the awareness that I need to have balance in my life. It is a dilemma faced by many career-driven professionals, talented creatives and entrepreneurs.

There is certainly no one-size fits all solution for cultivating a balanced lifestyle and mindset,  but for me starting a simple, morning meditation routine a few years ago was a good starting point.

In time, I started to inject a few more mindful rituals into my day and discovered - to my surprise - that it was possible to move through a busy day and get plenty done without feeling overwhelmed, completely stressed out and exhausted.

I have come to realise that the “performance edge” is not about doing more and working yourself to the ground - it’s actually about doing less, prioritising effectively, managing your energy and priming your mind for optimal focus and attention.

Learning how to use time more effectively has also allowed me to carve out more out space for living and having fun. When you feel confident that you are using your working hours effectively, it's easier to relax in your down time.

Discovering my personal formula for “balance” really kicked into gear when I started working with a business coach. By identifying my values and getting super clear on my personal and professional goals, making decisions and setting priorities has become much easier. I feel “stuck” less often because I am workshopping solutions to any challenges I am facing at home or at work with my coach in our weekly sessions.

Balance is an art and a discipline - it's about saying no to lots of things and have a clear focus on what you consider to be the most valuable use of your time.

So what do you think?

Is finding balance worth the effort?

What works for you?

Share your comments below!


By Amber McCormick