HOW TO CREATE a career in wellness


Just over 5  years ago I decided that I wanted to leave a very nice job in television to  pursue a career in health and wellness. I knew I wanted to work in this growing industry and loved everything to do with healthy living but I had no idea of exactly what I wanted to do or how I would even go about finding out.

Like many others who crave a career change, I had a general vision of what I wanted my professional life to involve but no clear idea of the steps it would take to get there.

Today I am the Founder of a meditation and mindfulness training platform - Mind Beyond - which is focused on providing busy professionals with practical mindfulness tools to better manage stress and overwhelm.

It has taken a series of challenging lessons and much inward reflection to discover and create my career path in the wellness industry in London and while each person will have their own journey to discover, I have put together 5 of my tips for finding a professional focus that will hopefully inspire and motivate you  towards finding your own career path.


1. Set an Intention

Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go. Without an intention you're just driving down a road with no destination in mind. Perhaps your intention is to motivate  other people to be their best through or maybe it is to launch a new product that changes the way people think and behave. Whatever the intention, it will guide the decisions you make along your path and help you stay connected to your higher purpose.


2.Know Your Why

Get real with yourself and understand what is truly motivating you to make a career change. Write out all the reasons why you want to work in the wellness industry and then reflect on if these reasons are strong enough for you to wake up everyday and take action. If you don’t have a strong ‘why’ chances are you won’t have the energy or motivation to keep pursuing your new career when circumstances inevitably become difficult.


3. Get Working

‘Working in wellness’ kind of sounds like it should be a walk in the park, right? If you think that a career in wellness means never feeling stressed, overworked and frustrated ever again then you would be mistaken. Like any other industry, success require hard work and lots of hustle if you want to make an impact. You may need to work for free or take a pay-cut to learn from others - see it all as an amazing opportunity for professional development and soak up as many ideas and skills as possible.


4. Focus on Feelings

Focus on your feelings. What lights you up inside? Use this as your guiding compass for what you should be doing with your time and your life. Too often when starting out, we put pressure on ourselves to achieve a specific outcome. We create a rigid blueprint in our heads of what our lives or careers should be and then feel discouraged when our reality does not match. Tune into your feelings and stay open to a variety of potential options and opportunities that may come your way. This really is the only way to know if you are on the right path for you.


5. Find a Coach or Mentor

The truth is this - we can only go far we can go on our own. Each of us have our own limiting beliefs of self-sabotaging stories that get in the way of us moving forward in the direction of our biggest, brightest (and often scary) dreams. One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring a business coach to support me through the process of launching Mind Beyond. Not only did I gain greater clarity on my vision for the business, I also overcame a number of my fears which were blocking my ability to launch the platform. The role of the coach is to provide you with accountability and a space to discuss proactive solutions to any challenges you may encounter along the way.


By Amber Jane McCormick


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