HOW TO break through your comfort zone


Are you letting fears and anxiety hold you back in life? Unfortunately this is something that happens to most people. Many people have problems with their own comfort zone. They want to do more in life, but they’re simply afraid to challenge themselves and expand push the envelope on what they think is safe. Here, we speak with Aaron Yamoah - the Founder of DYSCMFRT - a new platform designed specifically to help people push through their comfort zones in order to experience a new level of personal fulfilment.


can you give us a basic overview of DYSCMFRT? What inspired you to create this platform?

DYSCMFRT is all about helping people to develop organically by engaging in new experiences that take them out of their comfort zones. It’s based on that very first tenant of human nature, that you develop organically when you take yourself out of your comfort zone and into your discomfort zone—that sweet spot just beyond the edge of comfort and familiarity where your development accelerates and you gain fulfilment.

We use a psychometric test to discover exactly where the edge of someone’s comfort zone lies and the size of their discomfort zone. We then pair them up with a series of curated experiences that help them to reach their development goals in the most natural and effective way while experiencing a great deal of fun and personal fulfilment while at it.

What is your big vision for the platform? What is the greater change would you like to see?

I’d love to see everyone benefit from using DYSCMFRT, and I’d love to see people embrace regularly stepping out of their comfort zone as they do with regular exercise and for it to become part of their regular routine. I’d also like to see people embrace DYSCMFRT as a healthy social experience—rather than just going back to the same local every Friday or struggling to find something to do, wouldn’t it be great if you could invite your friends to join you in your chosen DYSCMFRT activity?

I’d also like to see the platform support local communities. With DYSCMFRT we have an incredible privilege of being able to act as a launchpad for new local businesses and people that are passionate about sharing their hobbies.

Why is it a common experience for so many of us to feel “stuck in a rut”?

As human beings, we’re all built to be incredibly capable and adaptive. But modern life has robbed us from being naturally exposed to those new and exciting experiences that were once so common to human life. We tend to live lives of monotony, predictability and routine. Not that this is bad in itself, but it prevents us from physically and mentally stretching our legs. We’re all built with race car engines, but we spend most of our lives pottering around town like a small hatchback. And you’ve ever driven a race car, you’ll know that they’re pretty useless at 20mph, but totally come alive when pushed.

How does improved ‘self-awareness’ enable us to break free of our regular routines and patterns?

Self-awareness helps us to realise what’s really important and releases us from all the burdens of a lot of the ‘faff’ that plugs up our daily lives. It also helps us to understand more of what we are really capable. The two together are incredibly potent and give us licence and confidence to step out and do things that take us far beyond the hold of our regular routines.

What are the benefits of stepping outside of our comfort zones?

Stepping out of our comfort zone brings two huge benefits. It accelerates our personal growth, regardless of the sphere in which we are trying to develop, and it increases our fulfilment and enjoyment from experiencing something new. It also gives us that chance to find a new love.

Beyond this I also think it has a great benefit for social cohesion. More people stepping out of their comfort zones means more people mixing with those that are different to themselves and developing greater empathy with those that are unlike them.

What are some of the experiences you have on offer that allow users to break through their personal comfort zones?

Just about anything you could imagine and a whole lot more that you’ve probably never heard of. We love to work with local businesses because without doubt, the most exciting, interesting and invigorating experiences are offered by small businesses with owners that are just massively passionate about what they offer their guests and London happens to be chock full of them. But it’s precisely because they’re small and intimate that people never know that they’re there. We have everything from mindfulness, and flotation therapy to stand-up comedy workshops, full contact sparring and capoeira.

Anyone living or generally hanging around in South West London join the pilot through our website ( and anyone else can register for early access when we launch in their area. We’re also currently building an app to expand the number of cities where it is accessible.  




Aaron Yamoah