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find your focus, gain clarity, move forward...

Ticking things off a to-do list feels great right?. Boom, another thing done!

Being productive is great, but if our daily actions are not connected to a greater vision for our life or a sense of purpose, are we really spending our time well?

When we’re rushing around getting things done without an overarching purpose, we’re essentially running a race with no idea of how far we are from the finish line. Our vision is the “why”. It’s the higher purpose that gives our goals direction and meaning. It keeps us motivated and guides the what we write on that to-do list each day.

Find Your Focus is a mindfulness workshop that will help you work out what you want, how to get there and how to stay on track with your goals each day.

Discover how the practice of meditation and mindfulness can help you sort out your priorities, take inspired action and stay focused on accomplishments offer you true fulfilment.



  • An understanding of what really matters to you

  • How to be fully present, right here and now

  • How to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • The power of creating an inspiring vision

  • How to embrace your own unique path and purpose

  • How to harness mindfulness techniques to improve focus

  • How to manage the inner critic

  • How to overcome procrastination and increase  productivity


The session led by Mind Beyond Founder -  Amber Jane McCormick.   Amber is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. She currently runs monthly mindfulness workshops and weekly meditation classes as well corporate training and private coaching sessions.

In order to create an intimate space, session numbers will be limited to 10.  Please book in advance. 

We look forward to seeing you.


'Find Your Focus'

Eve & Grace Wellness Studio

Saturday 12th May



Tickets include light refreshments and guide book.