mindfulness coaching


Our unique mindset coaching technique integrates mindfulness and performance coaching methods. We help individuals identify and overcome the mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back from personal and professional success. Our approach is highly engaging, action-orientated and focused on forward momentum. 


Coaching is a future-focused, conversational intervention for people to have further clarity around what they want. Coaching helps people to align their purpose, passion and values with their goals. And is highly-effective in helping people to decide the direction they’d like to take or create with more certainty, and to organise their thoughts to design an action plan. The process of coaching also increases self-awareness and confidence to move forward.


Reflecting on your current habits, perspective, mindset and relationships is crucial to identify what’s helped you with your achievements so far. Deciding which of your existing habits work for you and how to create new habits, beliefs and skills to close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be.

Taking that knowledge and using it to help you qualify the opportunities you have is the next step.

From here, we can zone in on those directions we find will fit you best: the most practical ways for you to take strategic action- including using or developing your network strategically, maximising your fantastic skills & experience, and as mentioned above, putting together a plan of action to help you move forward to reach your goals.

The Benefits

  • Gain clarity and insight on your goals and life vision
  • Accountability and deadlines to keep you on track with your goals
  • A time to brainstorm all the potential options available to you
  • A time to problem solve any challenges that you face in reaching your goals
  • Establish mindfulness and mindset habits to boost self-belief and confidence
  • Establish a plan of action and get clear on the next steps to take as you progress Identify the blocks. Eg limiting beliefs and stories - that are holding you back from making change

Coaching programs include: personal assessments, goal setting, results evaluation and ongoing support. 

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